CLOSED Date Night at Terrine – Los Angeles

Omg. Happy hour. Everyday. 5pm – 7pm. Unbeatable.

Terrine is the perfect place for a cute date night with your bae or your BFFs. Sit under the bishopwood’s leafy canopy, enjoy the mood lighting from the string lights, squee over the adorable napkin holders, and did I mention that happy hour is everyday?? Take advantage of it!! Because $1 oysters is totes welcomed any day.
Prince JD: Lets just get half dozen oysters. So we don’t get too full
Me: Yes, yes. Quite sensible. Good idea

Prince JD: Hmmm, maybe we should get mo…
Me: MOAR!!!!

Terrine has a way with meats that is next level. The Assiette De Charcuteries is especially dangerous. Even though you won’t want to, definitely share this. It may look like small samples, but each is packed with so much flavor and rich yummyness that if you don’t pace yourself, you’ll be too full for anything else. And that is no good! Because there are so many more yummy dishes to try!!


Terrine LA:

For a complete map of all locations featured in this blog, please follow this link: The Grand Appétit Map


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