Cookin it up at Mokkoji – Los Angeles

From a bajillion different broth choices to regionally different dipping sauces, hot pot can get pretty complicated. Sometimes I like to just get back to basics and cook up some Shabu Shabu.

This Japanese version of the Chinese hot pot focuses on simpler broths and high quality meats. And the best place I found for this is: Mokkoji in Arcadia

It’s a smallish restaurant and the wait becomes kinda long during peak hours. The soups can get pretty adventurous (Beef 12hr omgggggg) and the drinks are fun to try as well (craft beers!). But, I don’t know of any other Shabu Shabu place that has unlimited veggies that includes Kale. My health conscience just did a full sun salutation sequence in joy.

I love grinding up the sesame seeds and dipping my vegetable in the sesame sauce. I love swirling the beef in the clear broth and just when it turns a little brown, i dip it into the ponzu dipping sauce that I’ve pre-seasoned with some scallions and garlic provided table side. And I love love love the unlimited veggies. When I’m feeling something simple, yummy, and comforting, Mokkiji is always my escape.


For a complete map of all locations featured in this blog, please follow this link: The Grand Appétit Map


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