Bitchin’ Biscuits from Biscuit Bitch – Seattle

When I first walked up to the restaurant, I was lost. It turns out “Caffé Lieto” is the name of the actual establishment (maybe they thought “Biscuit Bitch” was not a suitable banner?) and Biscuit Bitch was labeled only with a logo on Caffé Lieto’s window. After figuring out that I was actually at the right location, I went in to find that there were already a long line of people waiting for their food on this early Friday morning. I checked out the menu and decided on the Smokin’ Hot Bitch: Biscuit and Gravy smothered in Cheese and topped with a Grilled Louisiana Hot Link & Jalapeños. I added an order of eggs and coffee to make it a full fledged breakfast.

During my wait for my food, I had a great time talking to the barista. She gave me some recommendations on spots around town that I should hit up and about a street dance competition in Vancouver, BC that was happening that weekend, dope. I went to the competition and it was lit.

Back to the food. As I heard my name through the intercom, I approached the counter and was greeted with a big tray of all the fixin’s. I grabbed my napkins and fork and made my way to an outdoor table. Everything was delicious. After I dug the biscuits out from under all the smoky cheesy gravy, they were perfectly fluffy and buttery. I would have to say that the hot links was my favorite part of the whole experience, they definitely live up to its name because it was smokin’ hot. I needed the biscuits and all the creamy gravy to calm down the spiciness.


Smokin’ Hot Bitch: Biscuit and Gravy smothered in Cheese and topped with 2 Eggs, Grilled Louisiana Hot Link & Jalapenos

Overall, the food was delicious, the coffee kept me wired, and it was a great way to get the morning started. It is centrally located near all the cool spots in Seattle, about 2 blocks away from Pikes Place Market. So if you’re looking for a PNW take on Southern goodness, check this place out. Eat up and Eat some. Peace.

Biscuit Bitch:

For a complete map of all locations featured in this blog, please follow this link: The Grand Appétit Map


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