Monday Done Right – Los Angeles

What gets my through Monday isn’t the inspirational quotes and images of active people; it’s food. Especially fancy food. Treat yo self.

I roll into Here’s Looking At You earlier than my reservation time. No traffic on the 101 (is this day even real?). Found street parking in KTown (legit best day ever). And sat down at the bar for something pink and alcoholic and sweet. Motivational Monday.

The JJ’s Avocado was refreshing and the khorabi added a nice crunch. The Shishito Peppers were a hit or miss with the spiciness level (was kinda fun to see if the next one was spicy or not). The Japanese Saba was a delicious play of flavors with the mixture of smoked soy and grapefruit. The 30 Day Dry Aged Hostein Ribeye was massively impressive and I was thankful I had people to share it with.

But what knocked it out of the park for me was the Baby Octopus. Simple name, simple ingredients: baby octopus, potato, celery, old bay seasoning. And I’m like, I can get all these things at the market, I can make this at home!
I take a bite of the potato puree… Nopenope, cannot make this, this is some next level mashed potato that I cannot reproduce and I’m absolutely in love. Add in the crunchy texture of the octopus and the refreshing bites of celery = foodgasm. This dish seriously had me scraping at the plate to get the last of it and wondering if it would be bad form to come back just for the drinks and baby octopus… Don’t judge me!

Here’s Looking At You:

For a complete map of all locations featured in this blog, please follow this link: The Grand Appétit Map


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