Barbecue Day at Smorgasburg – Los Angeles

Being from Texas, I’ve got my nose up in the air about BBQ. Every time I eat non Southern BBQ, I judge it harshly and they realllllly need to go the extra mile for me to say anything beyond “mmm, it’s aite”

I walked into Barbecue Day at Smorgasburg like a boss: stomach empty, nose high, ready to get my judgyness on. Ribs were aite, lobsters were interesting, drinks were cool…Stoked California BBQ was amazingggggg. I was totally knocked off my high horse on this one. I was passing by and grabbed a sample of the smoked tri-tip and turned right back around to get in line.

Mouth: I need more!!
Brain: no no, we need to be cool and judgy about this…
Eyes: omgomgomg our order is here
Brain: omg
Mouth: nomnomnommmm
Brain: yasssssss
The Plate was an explosion of different flavors and textures
The meat: tender and juicy with just the right amount of rub
The salad: crisp and refreshing, love the strawberries!
The esquites: sweet and spicy
The garlic cheesy bread: perfect crust and a great counter to the spicy
The salsa: I had my doubts, but ended up dipping everything in it

Perfecting the Santa Maria style barbecue that uses a hand cranked grill, lightly seasoned tri tip, and Californian Red Oak, Stoked is Californian BBQ through and through. The more I read about their craft and their passion statements, the more I grew to be less judgy. And when I over heard Chef saying “that bread is too small for sandwiches, you can’t use them, we have more bread, cut bigger pieces”, I was instantly in love. Not cutting corners in order to push out orders faster just shoved Stoked to the top of my respect list.


Stoked California BBQ:

For a complete map of all locations featured in this blog, please follow this link: The Grand Appétit Map


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