My Ramen Escape – Los Angeles

Mommy came to visit me for Labor Day weekend!!! And that meant hitting up the overstuffed malls regardless of all logic.

Brain: There’s no parking, long lines, basic sales, and people eeeeeeverywhere. This is a terrible idea
Mommy: To the mall!!

So away to the mall we went. We browsed the sales, bought a few things to get geared up for Fall and…
Tummy: Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Brain: Hmmmmm food choices…
Alright we’ve got the food court. No no, mommy is visiting gotta treat her!
Okay, we’ve got the near by restaurants that are also overstuffed and a 2 hour wait minimum. No no, mommy is only here for the weekend, can’t spend all that time on long lines.
Well there’s the big restaurant chains? No no, what are we, basic!?!
Hmmm what about R101 Ramen? We’ve never been there, It’s off the beaten path, and Mommy has never tried Ramen before?

This little ramen shop was tucked away in a small plaza a few blocks from the mall. Walking to R101 was a nice change of pace. The weather was nice, no pushy mall people and no wait at all once we got there.


The Chicken Karaage – super crunchy but once you bite into it, the chicken is so juicy that there’s no way to eat it with out the juices dripping out. But let it drip, that’s fine. It just makes it a little less weird when you end up mopping up the sauce off the plate because of how delicious it is.


Ajitama – I judge all ramen restaurants by their ajitama. R101’s ajitama was pure perfection. The egg white was the perfect amount of salty and firmness while the egg yolk was that liquidy golden yellow of magical deliciousness. Legit to the max.



Spicy Tonkotsu Ramen – Omg. I totally finished my whole bowl. The noodles were awesomely firm and chewy. The pork belly was soft and bursting with flavor. The broth, I can’t even. There are not enough adjectives to convey the bombness of this broth, you’ll just have to slurp every last drop of it for yourself to understand.


L.A. style Tan Tan Ramen – This broth too! Dood. Spicy, gingery, rich, sweet /drool. Yes, I stole the bowl from PrinceJD and drank all of this broth too, and nope, I have no regrets.


The Nutty Caterpillar – TIL where I get my huuuuuge sweet tooth from: my mother. 6 pieces of green tea ice cream wrapped in soy paper topped with nuts and Ghirardelli Caramel Sauce, 2 overstuffed winners. We got this!

Thank goodness we decided to leave our car at the mall. The walk back from R101 was 1000% necessary for my health because my food baby was threatening to explode at any moment.

R101 Ramen:

For a complete map of all locations featured in this blog, please follow this link: The Grand Appétit Map


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