Story time at Yamakaze – Los Angeles

Walking into Yamakaze was like walking into Chef Yama-san’s home kitchen. He’s behind the bar, chopping away at ingredients, prepping for tonight’s dinner, humming softly as he works.  The stove is already going, the other guests are quietly mingling amongst themselves, and you begin to smell something delicious wafting your way; small hints of the different flavors you’re going to get to enjoy in tonight’s culinary omakase storytime.

With this perspective in mind, it makes sense why there’s no sign for the restaurant, why it’s by invitation only, and why guests come back again and again.

Chef Yama-san starts the storytime by introducing the main ingredients, preparing them right in front of us. He cuts and chops and discard the less than perfect pieces until each one is ready to shine. He develops the ingredients by bringing out their full flavors with simple seasonings that enhances each ingredient’s natural flavors and textures. He gives background on each ingredient as each is placed in front of us. And we get to taste and experience their full story one bite at a time.

Storytime was well over 3 hours!! But to really get to know each ingredient and understand over 20 different and unique flavor chapters, quality time is needed and not a minute of it was bland.


For a complete map of all locations featured in this blog, please follow this link: The Grand Appétit Map


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