Deep Dishing Chicago

Traveling means new sights to see, new people to meet, and new foods to nom!!

This was my first time in Chicago and the city greeted me with bright sunny weather and mild winds.

First stop: deep dish pizza!!

Pequod’s Pizza came highly recommended by a friend and the hype was so real. It was 8pm and the line was out the door. It was a small location with a bar downstairs and more seating upstairs. The wait was much more than the quoted 2 hours so we decided to order take out…which was also a 2 hour wait.

Holding that pizza in my lap on the way back to our hotel was the most torturous 20 minutes for us and the driver. We were all salivating for a slice by the time we arrived.

Digging into the deep dish, I realized why it’s called a pizza PIE. With how thick the slice is and how crunchy the crust is, there’s definitely a pie quality to it. Each slice was ridiculously cheesy and saucy, but never too doughy and just the right amount of burntyness. Pequod’s is known for their slightly burnt crust and the rim of burnt cheesy goodness around the edges.

I definitely recommend putting Pequod’s on your To Nom list, but order delivery or pick up, because trying to get seated is pure sadness.

Note, taking the pizza to go does not take away from the yummyness. We also reheated slices the pizza in a pan the next 2 nights and everything was just as crispy and gooey and delicious 😀

Pequod’s Pizza:

For a complete map of all locations featured in this blog, please follow this link: The Grand Appétit Map


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