AGU Ramen – Houston

While the oil and gas industry has taken a hit in Houston, that didn’t stop the Energy Corridor from developing. Located on Eldridge between I-10 and Briar Forest, new office structures grew from the ground along side various luxury apartments. The influx of business and prospective tenants led to the emergence of new restaurants in the area.

Located right on Eldridge past Briar Forest is AGU Ramen. Having recently opened, maybe about a week ago, a group of friends and I decided to check out this Hawaiian-inspired ramen.


AGU entrance

The crowd was minimal at the time we went, and the interior was very nice. Definitely emitted a luxurious feeling when you enter and sit down at one of the two huge tables.

As the rest of my group arrived, we studied the extensive menu. Agu offered 16 entree items plus 2 chicken-based ramen, which is the alternative option to the pork-based ramens. AGU also offers kaedama.


AGU Menu

Since we had six people, we opted to get all four small plates (appetizers) to try them out. Unfortunately they ran out of gyoza, so we had two plates of Kaarage instead. I ordered the Hakata Tonkotsu, and my friends ordered a Char Siu Tonkotsu (2), Spicy Kotteri, Buta Curry Rice, a chicken shoyu, and a Bari Kote.

Starting off with the appetizers, the octopus was chewy but not too chewy. Just about right. The fried pork sausage came with mustard to dip in – flavorful as well. The kaarage pieces were delicious. The chicken pieces were hot, tender, juicy, and came with a sort of sweet sauce to dip in.

As we finished with the appetizers, our entrees came out.

All in all, every bowl of ramen had their own unique flavors. Soups were flavorful. The spicy kotteri was not that spicy, however both the spicy kotteri and the bari kote had a heavy garlic taste in the soup. The hakata tonkotsu’s broth was flavorful, though I like Ramen Bar Ichi’s tonkotsu more. The char siu tonkotsu was delicious and each slice of char siu was tender and flavored very well. Compared to Bar Ichi’s, I would have to go with the chashu at Bar Ichi, which was thicker in size and grilled/smoked more, thus having more flavor. The curry was not bad, but just tasted normal to me. The chicken shoyu was lighter than the other tonkotsu ramen since it used a chicken soup base, and it was just as tasty!

I would recommend to give this place a try. It definitely offers something that is different than the other ramen restaurants out there, and I would say it is better than Tiger Den and Jinya. For me, however, I would keep Bar Ichi as my top spot in ramen for now, and AGU as second.

AGU Ramen –

For a complete map of all locations featured in this blog, please follow this link: The Grand Appétit Map



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