Bonjour Paris!

After a 13 hour flight filled with crying babies and restless naps, I was tired and hungry and grumpy. But I made it to Paris!!

Best solution for my sadness? FOOD! Better solution? Food I’ve never tried before…escargot! And a large helping of food I have tried many times before and know I love…steak /droooooool

Robert et Louise was my first meal in Paris. The place was super cute. It had exposed brick walls, a giant fireplace where the steaks were sizzling, and more dining space downstairs. I counted on them to introduce my pallet to escargot, and they did it deliciously. Here’s how to eat escargot without looking like a noob:

  1. Grip the shell in the scissor like tongs for stability. No need to use too much force. Be gentle
  2. Hold the small snail fork in the other hand and extract the meet with a pulling motion.
  3. NOM!


The escargot had a slight chewy and crunchy texture. Reminded me of deep fried calamari or soft cartilage. There was a slight earthy taste, but because my escargot came with a delicious pesto sauce, that was the main flavor.

The steak was absolutely delicious. It was a little redder than the “medium well” I was used to, but it was super tender and flavorful. I was so full that I was starting to food coma in the restaurant. Food limit reached, sleep cycle begin!

Robert et Louise:

For a complete map of all locations featured in this blog, please follow this link: The Grand Appétit Map


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