Cafe Merzbau – Kanazawa, Japan

13-hours, crying babies, and some guy poking the back of your headrest to select a movie.  Finally…we are here – Japan.  There are many mysteries that shroud this country’s cuisine and culture that are fascinating and captivating.  The food is extremely focused just like its people.  I was lucky enough to fulfill my dream of visiting Japan with my wife.  Now, I have returned for a second time excited to see what’s in store.  Coming to Japan rejuvenates my soul as I yearn for the food, the adventures, and the memories.


Kanazawa – a small, charming city which you could visit to escape the hustle and bustle.  Only ~2.5 hours away from Tokyo by bullet train (Shinkansen), this is place is a must visit.  If you’re not into quaint towns, at least come here for one thing: Café Merzbau.  This is a local spot for breakfast that is tucked away between winding streets and some shrines.  Its staff consists of, at least when we visited, one woman.  She greets, seats, cooks, and serves.  We were 6 people deep, and she didn’t hesitate to knock out our orders with oomph.


Café Merzbau is known for hayashi (hashed) rice.  At first glance, it’ll remind you of beef stew with the deep, rich smell of…well…beef stock.  It’s thicken with demi-glace and starches so it’ll hug your rice and never let go.  The second popular item here is the curry rice.  Can’t decide?  You can order a half-and-half of Hayashi and curry rice.  The hayashi had a strong beefy flavor while the curry balanced it out by being a tad on the sweeter side.  The egg omelet reminded me of a French omelet – thin, fluffy, silky, and a little runny.


I also ordered a random dish by pointing at the menu to an egg sandwich.  Egg sandwich?  I flew across the world to eat an egg sandwich?  A few minutes later, the owner brings out my order and places it on the table with a smile.  Dozo (please do; in this context).  The underwhelming presentation didn’t leave much to the imagination, but my god – this is what egg sandwiches should be held to for a standard unit of measure.  The toasted bread was light and airy, the butter gave it a nice sweet and rich flavor.  The eggs were as light as if it were made of cotton candy.  After each bite it continues to evaporate in your mouth leaving you craving for more.



Café Merzbau: Address: 1-25, Oyamamachi, Kanazawa

For a complete map of all locations featured in this blog, please follow this link: The Grand Appétit Map


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