Ice Cream in February – Los Angeles

Los Angeles had a bout of rain for a few days. It was colder, and gloomier, and wetter. But today the sun is shining, the skies are blue, and it’s 68 degrees outside. What even is winter?

And to celebrate this great weather, let’s get ICE CREAM!!  


SomiSomi Taiyaki Icecream isn’t just your run of the mill ice cream stop though. Instead of a cone, the ice cream sits on top of a taiyaki. Taiyakis a Japanese dessert that is traditionally shaped liked a fish (not sure why since there’s no fish in it…but it’s tradition so no questions! just accept it!), made from flour based batter, typically filled with red bean, and comes out piping hot. Taiyaki in Japanese = Ah-boong in Korean = Diao Yu Shao in Chinese, they’re all the same thing, all fish shaped, and all delicious. But then add ice cream on top of this delicious dessert? Omg perfection.

I got the Milk + Green Tea Swirl ice cream with red bean filling a.k.a. Greenpuccino Bong. I topped it off with a little bit of bean powder and it came with a toothpick with a strawberry and marshmallow. This perfect summer (or February) dessert is best enjoyed right away as the still warm taiyaki will quickly melt the ice cream if you delay.

SomiSomi –

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