The Meat Song – Harp Steak Night – Houston

There comes a time in everyone’s life when one wonders if one could ever have too much of a good thing. Everything in moderation. But as a plume of smoke drifts into the humid Houston air, the grill crackles and pops, all bets are off – it’s meat o’clock.
The Harp is a low-key, local neighborhood Irish pub located a few blocks away from Houston’s infamous Montrose area. Aside from the booze, you need to come here on a Monday or Thursday (or both!) for steak night. On the rare occasions Houston has nice weather, there is a massive patio in which you could center yourself to see the grill action, but there are also decently sized tables inside.


When you’re feeling moderately hungry, I would recommend ordering The Big Fat Boy. This big ‘ol boy contains a ½ oz. ribeye and a half rack of lamb. You could order a side salad, but who are you kidding? You’ll either order pasta salad or creamy mashed potatoes.


If you’re feeling strong, the coup de grâce – The Lard Ass. The Fat Lard (at least that’s what I think it should be called) contains a large ribeye, a pork chop, and full rack of lamb with either sides mentioned previously. The star of the show, would be the rack of lamb. It’s cooked to a perfect medium-rare with enough seasoning you won’t even need additional sauces on the side. The char from the grill leaves a great smokey flavor accompanied by a crisp crust. The Lard Ass large enough to share with a friend or you can hog it all to yourself if you’re just having a bad day. Having Meat-Christmas on your plate will turn any dwelling sadness into a petty afterthought. At least until you realized you ate the whole thing in one sitting, then you’ll feel guilty. But don’t worry, there are no judgments here! Well…maybe just a little.

The Harp Irish Pub:

For a complete map of all locations featured in this blog, please follow this link: The Grand Appétit Map


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