Foo Foo Tei Cheat Day – Los Angeles

Summer is just around the corner and I’ve been on a bunny diet for waaaaaaay too long now. So on my cheat days (yes, plural) I like to splurge on something filling, comforting, and oh so flavorful.

Foo Foo Tei has got the stuff that keeps me coming back again and again. They have sooooo many choices on their menu and each one is bomblicious. But it can get overwhelming. My go-to is #17 Nanchatte Tonkotsu Ramen with White Cream Soup and #6 Curry Rice with Pork Cutlet. The rice dishes come with a soup and a small salad. This covers all my bases of yummy ramen, heart warming soup, flavorful curry, and deliciously crunchy pork cutlets to drool over.


Best part is, it’s not fast food or anything super unhealthy, so when I get back to my rabbit food, I don’t feel too guilty and still on track for summer. Yaaaaaasss!!

Foo Foo Tei:

For a complete map of all locations featured in this blog, please follow this link: The Grand Appétit Map


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