The Great Debakechery: Bakery Lorraine – San Antonio


Over a decade has passed. Old memories come flooding back: my first alcoholic beverage in my dorm, my first night in a strange place without my parents, beginning my life anew as I stepped through the university doors. Memories of old-new friends, late nights…and an uneventful and boring city. I was reluctant to go, but with my dear wife in tow, she assured me it will be a fun road trip to get away for a weekend. San Antonio – I have returned.



(walk through the center of this corridor and Lorraine will be on your left)

When I was there for school (go Road Runners!), there was not much to do aside from the basic River Walk or visiting historic sites. The River Walk was gloomy, smelled horrid, and the surrounding downtown area didn’t have much to offer. Maybe because I was a poor student knee deep in loans, but now as I am back, the city has a different vibe. The River Walk is much more bustling, and the downtown area now reminds me of Bourbon Street; a cleaner version at least. I will happily admit my preconceptions of San Antonio are now forever changed. Cue in Bakery Lorraine.

Bakery Lorraine is nestled inside San Antonio’s trendy district of Pearl. It is a cute shop that focuses on pastries and bistro-style meals. Without really reviewing the menu, my eyes are drawn toward their daily chalkboard. Prosciutto & Egg on Toast and Quiche Lorraine.  

This is what I like. Honest-to-goodness food. The bread was toasted and buttered to perfection with eggs and prosciutto, and the arugula on top played a perfect melody. Both dishes came with a side of seasoned red-potatoes (I think you could order fruit?). The star of the lunch was the quiche. It’s like the girl in most cheesy love-story movies where the main girl is an outcast because she has glasses, then she takes off her glasses and is prom queen. This, ladies and gents, is the She’s All That of the food world. It’s boring to look at, but once you take a bite, you realize she was beautiful already…wait…we’re still talking about food, right? Most quiches I’ve eaten are usually pretty dense, but the way they prepared this Lorraine version had it so light it felt as though the eggs just melted.

Don’t forget – they serve coffee and tea here as well (mocha and Chamomile citrus tea). With mochas, I usually encounter the extremes – either too much chocolate that it becomes extremely thick toward the end of the drink or not enough. However, the mocha had a perfect balance of coffee/espresso and chocolate. 


San Antonio is not what I remembered it to be nor is it what I thought it would be.  It was where I discovered my freedom into adulthood.  It was a distant memory of where I reminisced of the last meal on the River Walk I had with my friends before we departed. And now, it is a place I will always associate with Bakery Lorraine.

Bakery Lorraine:

For a complete map of all locations featured in this blog, please follow this link: The Grand Appétit Map


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