Birthday Dinner at The Bazaar – Los Angeles

Walking into The Bazaar was like walking into Chef José Andrés’ personal wonderland. I can picture Chef José Andrés traveling around the world and saying “This thing, I love it. Put it in my restaurant!!” There’s tables positioned diagonally across other tables. There’s a variety of different types of chairs all arranged together. There’s pictures of all sorts of people and statues of people-esque animals. It’s eclectic, it’s eccentric, it’s Bazaar.

Taking a cue from the Chef, we decided to wander around the menu and ordered whatever struck our fancy.

We kick started the dinner with my #1 request: Cotton Candy Foie Gras. Yasssss! It’s my birthday and this was everything I wanted. The rich and buttery Foie Gras was rolled in salty & crunchy corn nuts, and then surrounded by a cloud of sugary cotton candy. Sweet, salty, crunchy, fluffy, creamy, buttery…omggggg


Up next: a sampling of 3 cheeses and 3 meats. Ughhhh cheese is my weakness. Mix that smelly & creamy cheese with the crispy & sweet tomato topped bread flown in from Spain, and I had an amazing party in my mouth. And then they bring out the meats. Ughhhhh already in heaven and we just got started. The acorn-fed Jamón Ibérico De Bellota Fermín was such bomb. You could totes taste the nuttiness in the flavor of the meat.


The Not Your Everyday Caprésé arrives. And we leave the pastures of Spain and arrive at the dinner table. The already skinned tomatoes and liquid mozzarella balls were designed to explode when you bite down on them. All those liquids run together and mixes with the basil pesto to create a refreshing taste that reminds me of Spring.



Next, we reset our pallet with the Wild Mushroom Sopa. The egg yolk gave the soup a creamy quality and the mushrooms were subtly salted. A great contrast to the flavor bombs we just had.


Then we dove right back into the sea with the Uni & Eel Rice + the Striped Bass. The strawberries in the rice was a delicious surprise. The slight tart & sweetness of the strawberries cut the salty and heavy taste of the uni & eel flavors perfectly. And the sea bass, oh my, that perfectly crisped skin…eaten together the the leeks = perfection. Such crunchy. Most flavorful. Much drool.

I can see why the Philly Cheesesteak is such a popular item. The bread is hollow in the middle to make room for the fluffy and creamy cheddar cheese that oozes out once you bit into it. All topped off with yummy tender wagyu beef that just melted in my mouth.


Our last dish was the Seared Mary’s Farm Chicken. It was juicy, sweet from the dates, and spicy from the mustard caviar. After all that exploring of different textures, flavors, and experimental foods, this was the perfect comfort food I needed: like coming home and falling into your blankets after a long and amazing journey.


Unfortunately, I did not save room for dessert but I did wander around the dessert bar area and feasted with my eyes. Next time!!



The Bazaar:

For a complete map of all locations featured in this blog, please follow this link: The Grand Appétit Map


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