N2 Ice Cream Cafe – Houston

Houston, where the temperature in the summer can get over 105 and you just want to stay indoors under the cool breeze of your air conditioning.  Luckily, there’s a new place in town for you to cool down and chill at!

Meet N2 Ice Cream Cafe, the new ice cream shop on the block. Located conveniently in Chinatown next to Sinh Sinh, this is the first and only nitrogen ice cream parlor in the area. With the high traffic at all hours and the heat waves constantly crashing down upon you on the summer, jump in here for a quick rest and cool down with some delicious flavors.

20170611_141822 menu.jpg

Close-up of the menu options

For their operations, they offer regular ice cream flavors at the top for a pretty affordable price. The specialties require a little more ingredients and more work to create, which is reflected in the price, but offers a more unique taste and experience than the regular flavors.

N2 doesn’t just serve you delicious nitrogen ice cream. They provide a short list of sides to snack on. With the typical snacks of popcorn chicken nuggets and other fried assortments, they offer five types of baos to try, along with two types of fries.

For this visit, I tried the black sesame ice cream, matcha ice cream, a peking duck bao, and a grilled pork bao.

The consistency of the ice cream was perfect for me. You only get one scoop though, but it is a huge scoop and will definitely satisfy your need for something cool and refreshing to revive you from this heat. My black sesame flavor was on point, and so was the matcha.

The left is the grilled pork bao, and the right is the peking duck. The grilled pork is essentially banh mi thit nuong in a bao. The peking duck is similar to the restaurant-style of eating a peking duck. It paled in comparison to the ice cream, but the flavors were great and the baos are always a quick easy snack that fills me up.

This was during their soft opening, so the owner was very open to many of the criticisms, and they are working hard to improve before their grand opening and address any concerns or issues. With the main focus being on the ice cream though, I felt like they did a very good job in the consistency and taste of the ice cream! The food is similar to many other locations, but held their own nonetheless.

Please stop by though to try it yourself! It has garnered a lot of attention since the soft opening, and I feel like they only have room to improve in the future.

N2 Ice Cream Cafe : https://www.n2icecreamcafe.com/

For a complete map of all locations featured in this blog, please follow this link: The Grand Appétit Map



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