It’s Never Too Hot For Ramen Cravings – Los Angeles

I know, I know, it’s summer and it’s burning and things are melting. But when ramen craving calls, I must answer! And I wasn’t alone, the lines outside of the hyped up ramen places were just as ridiculously long. So I ducked into the Japanese Village Plaza in Little Tokyo to see if I can find something to satisfy my craving without getting sunburned while waiting in a line.


Ramen Maruya drew me in with a picture of the Chashu Ramen. They knew what they were doing when they posted it on the menu. I mean, look at it. Omggggggg. Even if I wasn’t craving ramen, how could I say no to that?!?! But to balance out all that hot soupy broth, I also ordered a Tsuke men (dipping noodle) to signify that, yes, it is hot outside and yes, this would be the more sensible option. But I’m not sensible and that’s why I got both 😀

The Chashu ramen was everything I was craving: deliciously tender meats, yummy chewy noodles made in-house, and that spicy & flavorful broth. Ahhhh, that hit the spot.

The Tsuke men was just as delicious, if not more!! Once I got a handle on how to get a little bit of everything and dip them without dropping it all in the sauce, it was awesome and perfectly refreshing. Definitely the more sensible option if I’m craving ramen in the summer lol. And I love the touch of fresh sesame. I like how they cling onto the noodles and adds to the flavor and texture.

It’s not as hyped up as some of the ramen shops across the street. But I think that makes it better. Less lines, less people, less stressed out staff, and yummy ramen. What more could I ask for?

Ramen Maruya:

For a complete map of all locations featured in this blog, please follow this link: The Grand Appétit Map


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