Double Date Night at Gwen – Los Angeles

“You’re just in time! We’re doing last call for Happy Hour, what would you like?”

YAAASSSSSS. I arrived at 6:25pm and got rewarded with $7 cocktails /gloat. My wonderful bartender recommended the Friesling: Riesling, Rose Infused Vodka, Lemon & Ginger. Just what I needed. It was cool and refreshing to beat the heat, but had a spice from the ginger to kick up my appetite for dinner.


The boyfriend showed up too late for Happy Hour but his Old Fashion Drink was anything but old fashioned: Espresso, Jalapeno and Mezcal.


Annnnnd just for funsies, I also got a Spritz in Nature: black berry, cucumber, Mint, Lavender, and Gin. Perfectly refreshing and so so pretty!


Yesyes, onto the food!!

The 5 course tasting menu starts off with a Charcuterie and Terrine spread. All cured and aged in house. My favorite was the spreadable salami. Oh my, I would totes spread that on my toast every morning if my belly and wallet could afford it.

Next up was a deliciously refreshing melon salad. The different textures and flavors were amazing! The thin veil of melon was delicate and easy to cut, there was the perfect amount of salad dressing, the melons were soooo sweet, and the charred rhubarb gave the salad a delectable crunchy, burnty, and salty twist.


First hot plate is a pasta dish with saffron cavatelli with a smokey eggplant puree, and chanterelle mushrooms. The pasta was cooked al dente and was soft and chewy. The ridges on each pasta shell helped grab more of the eggplant puree so I wouldn’t look silly trying to get the last drop. It took me a minute to realize that it was topped with mushrooms. They were super meaty and I really did think they were meat until I cut one in half!


From a case, we got to pick our own unique steak knives for the meat course (I love this random little attention to detail!!).


Out came the meat dishes. We got an order of the Fire Roasted Pork, and a supplemental 80 Day Dry Aged Bone-In Ribeye! The sides that came with the Ribeye included an enticing pickled radish dish, a refreshing shaved cucumber dish, and a delightful golden beets dish. But the star of the show: the meaaaaattttttt. Omggggggg. The beef was so soft and tender, I barely had to use my knife at all! I loved that it was buttery, juicy, and the beefy flavor was not too overwhelming. The pork prepared 4 ways (also amazing!!) gave us a variety of flavors and textures to help keep each bite new and different, like I could get tired of any of these flavors anyways lol.

For the palate cleanser, we had a pre dessert of honey ice cream, yuzu cream, grilled artichoke, and croissant crumble. I would like a tub of this to go kthnxbye. You’ve got sweet, sour, salty, soft, fluffy, crunchy = foodgasm to the max.


But the main dessert held it’s own as well. Rhubarb ice cream, with Fromage Blanc, and Olives + edible flowers on top of a yummy creamy cheesy cake of deliciousness!!


Oh right! And they have a butcher shop that sells all kinds of meaty goodies: house made salamies, lamb chops, pork coppa steaks, wagyu tri tip and sooooo much more. Right behind the display case are rows and rows of curing meats. This is a carnivore’s heaven.


And to top it all off, I got to shake hands with Chef Curtis Stone!! We were loitering around outside after dinner, watching the butcher doing his thing, totally in his zone, and Chef Curtis Stone came strolling around the corner. Omg. Words were said and hands were shook and I think I managed to say hi?  I just hope I didn’t look/sound too star struck lol.


For a complete map of all locations featured in this blog, please follow this link: The Grand Appétit Map


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