Weekend Nomcation in Seattle – Part 3 of 3

Needle & Thread


We started off the evening with drinks at Needle & Thread. As a tiny speakeasy above Tavern Law, reservations are def recommended. But if you want to sit at the bar to watch the magic happen, then you gotta try your luck by calling up to the speakeasy from a little black phone inside Tavern Law to see if there’s room for walk-ins. Needle & Thread is a bespoke bar. This means that there is no drink menu. Instead, you describe some flavors you like, notate any preferences or allergies, and then you let the bartender run with it. Some adjectives we used: floral, smokey, herbaly, fruity, spirit forward, refreshing, sunset on a tropical island after a lazy day chillaxing by the beach (okay I didn’t actually say that last one, but my 2nd drink tasted just like that!! It even came in a glass that resembled a pineapple!!). I’ve been to Needle & Thread 2x now and have had 4 drinks total. Each of them have been distinctly different and amazingly delicious. So on point each time it’s uncanny. This is definitely on my must-go list every time I’m in Seattle.
Needle & Thread: https://www.tavernlaw.com/needle-thread

To close off the evening, we went for something different and foreign:

Kedai Makan


This Malaysian inspired restaurant started off as a food stall and is now a full on restaurant with 2+ hour waits and everything. Oh how they grow. I’ve never had Malaysian food, so I can’t compare Kedai Makan’s dishes to traditional Malaysian dishes. But it doesn’t matter, because that’s not the goal of Kedai Makan anyways. Instead of trying to reproduce something old, they are in the business of building from that tradition and just making delicious foods. We ordered the Fried Spicy Frog Legs, Duck Noodle Ala Malacca, and Kari Kapitan. Frog legs!! There wasn’t a distinctive froggy taste, but the spices used to fry the frog legs was so delicious that we made sure the waitress didn’t take it away, even when all the frog legs were gone, so we can mix it in with all the other dishes. Next up was the Duck Noodles. The noodles were ah-mazinggg. The homemade pan mee noodles were soft and chewy and perfectly salted. The duck was super tender and the juices mixed in with the tofu and veggies soso well to make a harmonious bowl = a foodie’s dream come true. I preferred eating it without the sauce that comes on the side, but I generally like my food a little blander. And last to come out was the Kari Kapitan. The breading around the chicken was the best I’ve ever tasted. I wonder how many spices were used in the breading alone?? Even though it was covered in mouth-watering curry sauce, the chicken was crispy and crunchy. The curry was flavortastic. The coconut milk added sweetness while the spices added heat and flavor and a medley of herbal aromas. The pickled veggies helped to cleanse my palate so that every time I switched to a different dish or returned to the same one, I got to experience the full extent of all the flavors again.
Kedai Makan: http://www.kedaimakansea.com/

We finally called it at night after that and crashed into the best food coma sleep ever.

For a complete map of all locations featured in this blog, please follow this link: The Grand Appétit Map


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